Welcome to Zoom for Success!


This site provides video conferencing resources designed specifically for community association managers, board members and their residents.


We are so glad that you found Zoom for Success. Here’s an overview of how Zoom video conferencing can benefit you and your communities. Below you will find several videos highlighting key features of the platform.

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Looking Your Best

The biggest difference between a Zoom call and a phone call? You’ll want to consider what appears on camera. This video provides some key ways to look your best while conferencing with your communities and coworkers.

Manager as Moderator Overview

This 10 minute overview shows you everything
you’ll need to know the control and moderate a
Zoom conference meeting.

Recording Options

You’ve decided you want to record your meeting. We walk you through step by step how to setup the recording settings including participants approving a disclaimer.

Virtual Waiting Room

Do you want to invite guests whether they are residents or business partners like EmpireWorks? You can create a virtual waiting room where guests will “hang out” until you, the moderator, lets them into the meeting room.